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About RRoot - Art of Symbols


About RRoot

RRoot, coined by Koorosh Nejad, is a fashion in illustrating cultures in their symbols. The black and white abstract designs demonstrate fear, love, hope, passion, and feelings of people from different cultures. It is a new angle to the art of symbols. The design often include symbols, alphabets, signs, and other figurative shapes and characters of a specific culture. 

The commission began in 2020 and has already created several artworks (RRoot collection on Saatchi Gallery).

See the artist's statement and an exclusive interview with Koorosh Nejad about RRoot here.


RRoot in Life

Simple yet deep artworks of RRoot bring beautity and sophestication to your home. They connect us to our past. RRoot's abstract designs leave room for your imagination. The black and white color of the designs makes them a great complement to your modern, retro or contemporary interior design.

RRoot designs are available in original painting (acrylic on canvas) and printed canvas. Please browse our collection of Fine Art for print on canvas and fine-print framed and mounted. Also click below if you are interested to order a custom original painting from Koorosh Nejad.


     Click here to order a Custom Original Painting




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